Our Story

Nivid Informatics Private Limited

We are the sole India partner of the Lanner Group (UK), who are dedicated to enabling Indian industries & the professional education sector with its technology to improve operations & service quality to exceed global standards.

We host a network of consultants & simulation experts who provide solutions using Lanner’s Simulation Tools, especially WITNESS Horizon. Nivid offers exclusive training in Business Process Analysis & a variety of Data Driven Decision Support Solutions that use Simulation to allow decision makers to analyse their processes/ systems & streamline processes to maximize customer satisfaction & profits. We are the only Master Franchise for Authorised Training Centres for the simulation software WITNESS Horizon from the Lanner Group and are fully authorised to appoint franchisees across the country of India.

In India, there are over 75 major corporates & educational institutions which make use of WITNESS Horizon for simulation, optimisation, as well as internal training. Examples include Larsen & Toubro, Cummins India, HCL, Siemens, IITs (Delhi & Madras), IIMs (Kozhikode & Calcutta), NITIE & SIOM (Nasik), amongst others.

The Age of Predictive Simulation has Arrived

This is an exciting time of change for businesses in every industry. The urgency to drive improved customer value at lower cost through the use of new disruptive digital technologies, including Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), is forcing the rapid creation of new operating models in every sector and every geography. Static spreadsheets and rear-view business measures are no longer valid for assessing such complex change options, Industry now recognises that predictive analytical methods are needed.

Our Value

We have been working with visionary companies since inception in 2015, deploying predictive simulation capabilities and model assets that support decision making and enable smart business processes that best balance service delivery and cost. We understand the issues facing organisations in an increasingly complex and digitally connected world. We’re passionate about connecting people to their business, its data and processes, empowering them to make smarter choices for a better future. Our  predictive simulation models and technology inspire confidence in change and outcome certainty across the full design, create, operate and improve lifecycle.


We remove the costs in developing new concepts and risk from greenfield developments


Virtual models simplify co-ordinating developments and managing project communication


Real time visibility into business processes provides the insight needed for agile business planning


Simulation provides analysis of existing operations so that costs and performance can be optimised

Certificate Courses in Business/ Manufacturing Process Analysis