Consulting Solutions

Nivid has extensive skills & experience in our consulting services team, spanning multiple industries in India, Australia & South Africa. We are capable of providing business process analyses across most processes, industries & departments.





Our consulting team provides consulting, support and training across a diverse range of industries and application areas, including automotive, oil and gas, food and beverage, manufacturing, supply chain, warehousing, healthcare and more. The consulting team has decades of combined experience delivering simulation solutions to businesses using WITNESS Simulation Software, resulting in significant value. This experience and diverse sector knowledge ensure the delivery of successful, scalable predictive simulation solutions with significant business benefits.

Our Approach

The Lanner Simulation Methodology is our proven approach to managing all client engagements. This methodology guides the project from initial scoping to final delivery, ensuring all requirements are agreed to and achieved. The vast experience of our consulting team equips them to develop and deploy scalable decision-support solutions to support both short-term and long-term requirements. The consulting team can deliver solutions to your organization that require minimal internal expertise in simulation, or they can work alongside you to provide mentorship and guidance as your organization develops its own internal simulation capabilities. They offer unrivalled experience in maximizing value from predictive simulation.

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