Predictive Digital Twin & Simulation Software

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Predictive Simulation Models and Analytics

We understand how to make data and models work for your business. For over 25 years Lanner’s customers have been developing predictive digital twins and using simulation technology to solve complex business challenges and benefit from foresight of their decision outcomes. We can help you to gain insight into your business, make better planning decisions and become more adaptable to today’s rapidly shifting business landscape.

Industry 4.0 & Digitisation

Industry 4.0 is the cutting edge of automation, data exchange and digitisation of businesses in the modern era. There are many steps to ensuring Industry 4.0 technologies enable the right business models and processes within those models. Lanner offers all businesses on this journey a key first step – use of a digital solution to develop, test and optimise an Industry 4.0 investment roadmap and implementation plan. Contact us to get started today!

Business Planning

Developing a predictive digital twin of your business model provides certainty and foresight of your operational plans to ensure smart decisions are made.

Planning and Strategy
Business Case Development
New Facility Design
Financial Justification
Infrastructure Rightsizing
Change and Risk Management

Performance & Optimisation

Simulating your business processes and data provides the insight to achieve the right balance of resources and cost for optimum performance.

Continuous Improvement
Resource Management
Policy and Process Governance
Schedule Testing

Collaboration & Communication

A predictive digital twin helps you visualise your business and its data in a way that facilitates understanding, clear communication of ideas and plans and enables collaboration across functional teams.

Inspiring Cultural Change
Sales Enablement
Independent Validation and Arbitration

WITNESS – Predictive Simulation Software

Fast, Productive Desktop Modelling Software for Professional Predictive Simulation Analytics and Application Development.

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Learn More About Predictive Simulation

If you are new to predictive simulation, there are many resources available in our insights hub.

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