Within the high value aerospace industry, predictive digital twins provide the insight and certainty to support all strategic and operational decisions across the entire market.

A rapidly changing and growing industry, the aerospace sector is a sensitive market, relying on robust planning strategies and agile reactions to external factors. Lanner’s predictive digital twin technology allows you to develop detailed models of your operations, enabling you to test, experiment and plan before implementing costly strategies within the real world.




Increase capacity through better resource utilisation, forecasting, planning and delivery

Predictive simulation provides a comprehensive overview of your operations, including all resources, from personnel, to stock levels and fleet resourcing. Through the creation of digital twin models, you can efficiently optimise your resources, ensuring forecast targets are met, as well as meeting delivery deadlines. Predictive simulation can also support future forecasting and planning, enabling you to create realistic KPI’s, based on robustly tested data, often increasing revenues and approving delivery.

Optimise future MRO operations and Through-Life capabilities

Ensure capabilities to provide customers with value through the product life-cycle with service-based models, enabling you to plan and deliver future maintenance, repair and overhaul programmes, without impacting on new manufacturing and supply chain lines. Predictive simulation enables you to accurately plan for future maintenance schedules, without it impacting on other business lines.

Lanner has a long history of delivering projects and consultancy support to the aerospace industry, as well as supporting internal projects, enabling teams to manage and implement their own predictive simulation models to support operational planning.

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