Midstream Oil

Delivering the certainty and confidence to enable investment risk evaluations and better business opportunity assessments across midstream logistics.

Decisions Simplified for Midstream Investment and Operational Plans

Faced with answering tough questions about exploiting infrastructure, increasing productivity and limiting risk; decisions based on judgement and past experience of what worked and what hasn’t are becoming less useful, especially as the industry transitions to a newer generation workforce.

Fortunately a different approach is available in the form of predictive simulation. Simulation modelling empowers smart investment risk evaluations, delivering insight into midstream operations and strengthening judgement. The result is agile management and control of existing assets and the clarity and confidence to guide future plans.


Lanner’s Fluid Logistics Simulator provides a risk-based approach to business planning, giving midstream operators the confidence that their preferred strategies will perform as planned.


Midstream operators can maximise throughput and revenue by using our solution for infrastructure, logistics and market opportunity assessments.


Lanner’s simulation solutions can be used to optimise decision-making and deliver desired outcomes across the entire midstream oil supply chain, from well to refinery.

Fluid Logistics Simulator

Lanner’s simulation solution is designed for midstream operators who are planning infrastructure flexibility and looking to maximise throughput and operational performance.

Our experience in simulating complex midstream pipelines and terminals underpins this decision support application that allows options to be implemented in a virtual environment for analysis before any real world commitment is made.

Lanner’s Fluid Logistics Simulator delivers:

  •  Rapid model development of midstream assets and operations
  •  Comparisons of performance and viability of different options and change scenarios
  • Answers to stakeholder questions with detailed evidence and analysis
  • Easy collaboration and communication during projects
  •  Scalable technologies to rapidly simulate and analyse future choices
  •  Testing and optimisation of operational schedules, maximising throughput to meet market demand

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